The principal is responsible for the discipline in the school with assistance of all the Shree Ram teacher's and staffs. At Shree Ram a hard core of common discipline is necessary for the smooth running of the school. Punctuality, neatness, uniformity of dress, courtesy, consideration for others and co-operative spirit are insisted upon. we also encourage initiative and positive expansion of creative energy. The aim is that the discipline of any positive value should, by stages become part of every students personal equipment of life. Freedom and autonomy are the basis of discipline. The students are left free to accept the atmosphere of school, to learn in a free and co-operative manner. Mistakes are tolerated as a part of process of learning but repeated miss-behavior against the spirit of the school and hindering other students from peacefully learning is not tolerated even if this causes pain to parents of the stubborn, uncooperative students. Discipline is the distinctive human value and its must for an institution for the quality education. Therefore all the students supposed carry out code of conduct maintained by the college. any serious violation of conducts within or outside the college premises will be sufficient reason for expulsion from the college.

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