All Shree Higher secondary boarding school students are expected


First-aid facilities are readily available in the School, A student returning to the school after infectious of contagious disease should produce a doctor certificate declaring his/her complete cure. When there is any Busch sickness at home, the school authorities should be informed immediately.


Students are expected to arrive at the school before assembly bell. i.e. 9:50 A.M. Habitual late comers will be sent home after being warned once by the principal.
A students who is not habitually cleanly or properly dressed in the school uniform will be sent home.
No Shree Higher secondary boarding school students are permitted to drive motorized vehicle inside or outside the school compound.
Students should not ride their cycles in the school premises. Cycle must be kept locked in the cycle stand.
Students must not scratch or spoil the desk, write with chalk or pencil or marker pens on the walls or desks or do any damage to the school property. Damage done should be reported at once. Even if it caused by accident, the damage has to be made good. If the damage is done knowingly by any student he or she may be expelled from the school.
No authorized books, magazines, comics or papers may be brought to the school without the of principal or vice-principal.
The school is not responsible is not responsible for the the loss of goods belonging to the students. they are not permitted to bring any dangerous articles which may be harmful to others.
Students are not permitted to leave the school premises at any time during the school No special permission will be granted to leave the classes Nobody should be found playing on the school after 4:00 P.M. during the week days.
Note: All Shree Higher secondary boarding school students are expected to:

* Show respect to all the teachers.
* Avoid shouting, whistling or running around the school building.
* Avoid using indecent languages.
* Avoid throwing papers, stones, etc., anywhere in or around the school premises, except in the bins provided for the purpose.
* Observe the rules of good conduct on the various buses and on the street while coming to or returning from the school.
* Chewing gum will not be allowed inside the school premises.
* Girls are not allowed to put ornaments, mehandi, kajal etc. Girls with long hair should have them neatly plated. Use white ribbon only. Boys crew cut hair very short.
* All the passed out students of Shree Ram must collect the T.C. and other certificates within one year of leaving the school.


All absence from school, even with prior permission must be explained by the Parents in the "Absence Record" page found in the dairy, before the students is admitted into class. If the leave is for more than 3 days, besides the note in the diary, a separate application must be added and sanctioned by the principal. An absence of more than 3 days, before or after a vacation, without prior permission, renders the students, liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls and to submit a formal readmission fee by paying a sum of Rs. 100/- when he/she returns (provided his/her place has not been given to another applicant). At the start of academic year, the first day absence will render the seat vacant which would then be allotted to another applicant.


The parents of Shree Ram H. S. School students have intrusted the school bringing to maturity, the seed of manhood that has been so carefully sown at home. They however should co-operate with the school by their total involvement which calls for a real understanding for the school's rules and regulations. Parents must always remember that they are the First Teachers for living the child. Therefore parents should strive to be a living example of the values taught to and, are expected of their ward to be the same. They should inform the principal and the teacher concerned of  any special problem even thought, family circumstances and other pertinent facts are necessary for proper understanding guidance for their wards. They should participate in the growth and development of.

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